Born in Florida June 3rd, 1948, Frank lived there for only 8 years. He was sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle on a farm in southeastern Ohio. There, he learned the value of hard work. Having learned that lesson well, he has tried to keep from using it since.


He lived with his father, Frank Sr. for a little over a year in New Orleans, LA where he picked up a taste for down-home music, Cajun cooking and coffee with chicory.


After graduating from high school, he decided he was through with people telling him what to do every minute.  He decided to chart his own course, and joined the US Air Force. After medical training in Wichita Falls, TX, he spent four years fighting the natives in Columbus, OH. He was then shipped to The Azores, Portugal for two years. One more USAF move brought him to Ellsworth AFB on the South Dakota plains just east of Rapid City.


He moved to Colorado after meeting a girl from Colorado Springs lived there for many years, spawning two children in the process, Aaron and Kelly. Frank and Linda divorced years ago, and Frank married a Wyoming girl, Peggy, who is the subject of many of Frank's songs and who has taught Frank to see Wyoming through her eyes.

Frank and Peg, after spending two years in their 38 foot diesel pusher, bought a house in Edgemont, at the edge of the southern part of the Black Hills of South Dakota.


Frank is a computer geek who believes that music should be acoustic, not electrified. Producing a CD and a web site are the closest links he has allowed between music and computers.

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